Beaches in Lebanon

Beaches in Lebanon
Lebanon Might is known across the world for the wrong reasons, but there is something good that can be found in the country. The Beaches in Lebanon are very exciting to visit, They Atmosphere in the Beaches Is Simply Unique and Inviting to the Many Visitors That Would Love to Visit the Country.

Pierre and friends
This is one of the best beaches in Lebanon and has continued to attract many visitors for many years. The unique beach atmosphere combines with fresh seafood and the rare middle eastern prepared cuisine, to slowly sipping on an almaza listening to the big waves crashing against the pebbled shore with the famous Bob Marley songs being played in the background.The visitors cannot simply get enough of this unique beach hence stop wasting time and join the party.


Iris beach club
These beach clubs are located in half an hour south of Beirut; it is the gem of Lebanon when it comes to unique resorts. The iris beach club delivers some of the greatest parties over the weekend which makes the journey to the resort worthwhile. You can take sips from cocktail form hollow watermelons and pineapples while you fist pump continuously to the deep hours of music. There is an entrancecharge and the beverages are a bit expensive but it is a must visit when you visit Lebanon and a holiday is not a holiday until you visit the iris beach club.


Orchid luxury resort
The place is very huge and the majority of the area is either covered with beach beds or the much envied private Jacuzzis. The drinks, food and entry fee are all priced regularly. You can get yourself the unique chance of enjoying the breeze during the night as you listen to the soft music from the background. The beach area gives you a chance to enjoy the sand on the beach as you enjoy the sun during the day.


Why Lebanon beaches are a must visit
When you visit the country of Lebanon and you visit the museums only then the holiday is incomplete. The beach comes to life especially during the summer hence make sure you enjoy the beach and make your holiday complete.


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